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Dear ABC Team

Do you know this tale?

Once upon a time…

In Bulgaria…

A little rabbit took font to the Great ABC Story! The new School of this tiny bunny was the home of an amazing international Family! There she met many friends and Great teachers! With Miss Emmy she started to speak, sing, think ENGLISH and she enjoyed stories, dances, craft and ‘songs or rhymes’! With Mr. Marty she learned how to manage with her strong will and she enjoyed P.E.!

Thanks to the ABC Family she discovered fun while learning and that’s something!

But one summer our little bunny had to leave this lovely day-to-day life – Congratulations for your professionalism and your high feeling with children!

What is great in lovely tales is that it always ends well! We will miss you terribly , but you stay in Our Minds!

All the best to you all

Best Regards

We love you!

Brigitte, Gerard and Chloe