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Summer School & Courses 2024
We have created an additional program for parents who think of summer as an opportunity for their child to be a part of a different way of teaching, to immerse in the English-speaking environment and to feel how a foreign language can become a free means of communication with friends from all around the world.

Highly qualified early childhood education teachers get to know your children and partner with them using their experience, imagination and creativity to make every summer day a fun learning experience.

Our summer school starts from 10 June till 14 July and from 14 August till 15 September, 2024, with the opportunity to visit on a weekly basis on your chosen dates.

What the summer program includes:

  • Full day/Half day classes from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00/from 8:30 to 12:30 pm
  • English-speaking environment
  • Modern Preschool learning activities, covering UK curriculum standard for Early Years Foundation Stage education.
  • Distribution of groups according to age and level of English language proficiency.
  • Individual approach and work with small groups of children (max. number of children per group – 10).
  • Outdoor games in the nature – once a week.


 205/152 EUR (day/half day)  per week

What skills will children acquire:

  • Communication and Language – developing language skills and enriching active vocabulary

  • Play time – gaining confidence in communicating in a foreign language while having fun

  • Understanding the world – Expanding knowledge of the world

  • Collaboration – expressing freely thoughts and feelings, standing up of what they believe and fostering skills such as empathy, confidence, articulacy and teamwork.

  • Art and Craft time – encouraging creativity, collaboration and flexibility and developing creative problem solving, teamwork, and self-confidence
  • Story time – reviving curiosity, desire to learn and love for books