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Dear ABC Team,

Time has come for Andy to say good-bye and to thank all of you for welcoming our son to your big family during our years in Sofia.

You offered him warmth, good care and understanding, led him along his first attempts of making friends. You provided him a second home here in Bulgaria, creating an environment where he could be himself – the always happy and cheerful Andy, hugging everyone and touching noses around. J

Many thanks to Mrs. Emmy for all her daily dedication and patience with our challenging little man. Thanks to her we could witness a huge progress with Andreas for which we are extremely grateful to her. We will certainly miss you very much!

Special thanks to Mrs. Nikolova for the charming mucis lessons that made Andy interested in singing happy tunes and encouraged him to discover his own language.

We wish you all good health and success for the years to come and to find some motivation and satisfaction in educating further generations of wonderful children.

Warm regard,

Andreas, Adorian and Loredana Serbescu