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Dear all at ABC,

Thank you for having me the past year. I really enjoyed my time with all of you. You taught me so many things about animals on the farm, in the zoo, about cars and trucks, diggers and trains, clothes, the sea and so much more. And all this in English. I will really miss all the activities at ABC but not Fit Kids! Mr. Tamaguchi will come to my new school as well. Sadly Mrs. Emmy and Miss Iva cannot come there. I will really miss you. I will also miss the singing, dancing and crafts. I loved so much the performance in winter and summer for all the parents. I will miss my friends too but I’m sure I’ll make many new ones. I like a lot to play outside at ABC, so I am happy now that my new house has a garden too.

I heard mommy and daddy say they like ABC too, that if we would not have moved house I would have stayed because they were really good for me. I agree, you were all very good for me.

Thank you so much for everything and teaching me English, so I can now write this letter.

Lots of hugs,

Elie Holstege

PS. I finally did it! I now do all my poopies and tinklies on the potty!