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WELCOME TO ABC Dragalevtsi
Our ABC Dragalevtsi modern facility is the perfect place for children’s learning and growth.

The ABC location includes a lot of indoor and outdoor playing areas with many green parts. ABC Dragalevtsi is located at the beautiful foothills of Vitosha mountain, which brings all the benefits the city can offer, perfectly situated in the magnificent mountain and offering fantastic panoramic views of Sofia.

The Teaching Team at ABC Dragalevtsi works with 4 age groups:
  • 2-3 Magic Sunbirds
  • 3-4 Chatty Parrots
  • 4-5 Curious Kingbirds
  • 5-6 Busy Bubblers

Each group has its own learning room, where our young students actively create, discover, and have fun. We believe that the learning environment is very important and that is why we take extra care when organizing the classrooms, having children’s safety and welfare in mind. Each room is tailored to the Early Years Foundation Stage education requirements and follows all international and government regulations and recommendations. You can find thematic corners and special role play and learning areas, which contribute to the children’s academic and emotional development.  Kids have access also to our rich library, where they can discover the magic of literature.

Our facility includes:
  • Green landscaped area.
  • Individual group rooms designed with different topic corners according to the full integration of the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) learning provisions
  • Dedicated room for academic activities and Art.
  • Outdoor learning area for hands on learning with gardening and farming opportunities.
  • Outdoor playground area.
  • Kids’ library.
  • Playground for sand play and water play.
  • Canteen area
  • A nurse room for first-aid care.
  • A design that focuses on child safety and welfare, security.
  • Parking area in front of the location.
The activities facilities include:
  • Book corner with mark making and props
  • Area for construction toys and “small world”
  • Physical play
  • Musical instruments playing area
  • Role play area and costumes
  • Art and Painting area
  • Interactive Whiteboard.
Additional extracurricular activities such as:
  • Swimming lessons
  • Dancing
  • Fit Kids
  • Drama classes
  • Art classes
  • Language lessons
  • BG classes
  • Alumni clubs
  •  Ski school

An integral part of the program is the regular organization of thematic Outings, which are selected by our academic teams according to the age group and the monthly program.