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We take mental health and wellbeing very seriously.

We are committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of all children and their families and we ensure all staff and parents are made aware of our safeguarding policies and procedures.

All staff is responsible for ensuring the safety of children at the center and preventing harm by being proactive and diligent in supervising the children, parents and guardians. Any person in the center who has had a record check and approval to be involved with child care shall not have “unrestricted access” to children for whom that person is not the parent, guardian, or custodian. It is imperative that centers not allow people to have access to children who have not had a record permission by the Managing Director or the Head Teacher.

Persons who do not have unrestricted access will be under the direct “supervision” and “monitoring” of a staff member at all times. Nonagency persons who are on the property for other reasons such as maintenance, repairs, etc. will be monitored by the staff and will not be allowed to interact with the children on premise.

We have strict policies and procedures including:

  • Personal Data Protection Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Accident Procedure
  • Sick Child Policy
  • Emergency Procedures and more